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Inadrive: Free transportation and

Digital Advertising

United States of America.

Inadrive: Free Ridesharing App offers an unique and free experience

To easily use ride share Service in exchange of watching Digital Advertising Content.

After the breakthrough of similar ridesharing Apps Users can experience something even more innovating and advanced.

Free of payment. always.

Inadrive provides highest quality Advertising space using new standard of watching of video Ads.

It is the Inadrive’s job to provide the safe ride in Exchange for presented content being watched.

What is Inadrive time?

Ride time= videos time

The Rider will end up getting different number of videos from different advertisers that are matching his interests which advertisers are targeting. So each advertiser pays for the portion of Riders trip in exchange of promoting their business.

Taking a free ride with the Inadrive App is very simple, here's how it works:

Create a profile.

There are most simple and fast ways to connect. All the personal info is safely stored on the Inadrive Platform.

Choose your interests.

Selection of current interests can be modified anytime and it provides assurance that it is matched with right Advertising Content.No need to register any type of payment.

Request the ride.

All selections have to be within Operating Inadrive area that is posted on website and social media.Ride is not transferable so pick up has to be within 0.5 miles from the GPS location of the Rider.

Receive the Inadrive time.

App sends time of the Digital Video Advertising Content in the same length as the length of a ride. The Content is containing different numbers of matching videos. Rider can watch the content while in a drive but can do it later as well.

Watch the Content anywhere.

Content is matched with Riders interests so he will have drive to watch it.It has to be watched until the end in order to request another ride.

The Team

Seth Zivkovic: C.E.O. and Founder

BA, IT in Business

10+ years of expertise in logistics and transportation industry.

Download our Screenshots, Logo, and Videos here:

Short release version

Inadrive Inc. releases first functioning operational version and Operations of its Inadrive App on App store and Google Play Store with Inadrive web Platform .

Inadrive Inc. is a startup entrepreneurship specializing in ridesharing and advertising announced the debut of Inadrive App and Inadrive web Platform one of the best new innovative Apps to hit App store in 2019. Like most innovating and similar Apps Inadrive has simple model and is easy to use, yet it is a complex system of codes and is challenging for market to adopt new standards and customers behaviors.

Inadrive App offers a new way to do ridesharing, the direct payment free way. And created new powerful advertising media, so businesses can advertise with assurance.

Users can experience all of this by using current tech and innovative new methods.

The simple side of it is that Riders get free ride in exchange for watching proportionally Advertising Content in the same amount of time as their length of the ride. It is very addictive since it is absolutely free of payment and it provides all of the users of Platform with incredibly satisfying experience.

Inadrive's C.E.O. Seth Zivkovic had this to say: ”We were very excited to get Inadrive into the App store and Google Play Store, and into the hands of all of its users and Tech lovers. Inadrive has eye-catching graphics, and two different, equally important functions to explore. And best of all, it's free! I am super proud of this app. Specially this being my first startup, hopefully not the last. Compliments to our development team on great job.

If you love and use other similar ride sharing Apps then Inadrive will be a worthy addition to your iPhone and Android. It is available on

1. App store:

2. Google Play store

About Inadrive Inc

Inadrive is Innovative startup company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

The founder and his team on this Platform are focused on creating the most simple approaches and solutions that create maximum benefit for all its users.The plans are to release other similar Platforms in future and implement tech in full.

If you would like further information about ”First Free Ride Share Video app” feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to provide you with any additional info.

Seth Zivkovic Founder and CEO

Inadrive: Free ridesharing and digital video ads

Contact numbers +1 (305)498-7622,



Copyright © 2019 Inadrive Inc. All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: InADrive is currently Servicing Transportation Service in specific Designated Operating Areas which will be announced accordingly on our web site. This is not an offer, solicitation of an offer or advice to use our services in any other areas that we are not Servicing. Our transportation service will be providing certain standards so that Users are accepting to participate by the rules that are making sure that quality of the standards is on highest levels. Free transportation refers to $0 actual direct payment with cash, credit card, cryptocurrency or any forms of money payment.
There will be cases where transportation service will be shared and when not depending on the number of Passengers added for the trip. Extensive use of internet and battery will be necessary. The content sent for Passenger to be seen will be necessary to be watched in order to have another ride. In order to preserve our business model to be self-sufficient, we will implement our systematic approaches in order to protect the system being abused which you can see in our Terms and Conditions. InADrive prices for advertising are subject to change accordingly, with demand.